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About The Challenge

Do Well Do Good Challenge is a case study competition that brings together the best students to build long lasting solutions for socially oriented problems. In this edition, we challenge you to develop creative solutions for a structural youth-related issue in Porto.

All of the issues and datasets will be provided by our social partner Porto’s City Hall, oriented towards the 16th SDG “Peace, Justice & Effective Institutions".

The Winners will have the opportunity to further develop their case solution in partnership with ShARE-UP, Porto City Hall and Porto Business School.

  • Challenge 2 or 3 friends to join you
  • Have access to tier-1 trainings and amazing professionals
  • Get the chance to actually implement your solution for the case
  • Learn how to well and do good. Be an agent for change!
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  • Location Online, open to all UP students
  • Case Dates Mar 29 - 30
  • Speakers & Mentors 25 Professionals
  • Teams 3-4 students/ team

Why Participate?

This challenge is designed to encourage and create a platform for global social changemakers. Growing teams to be entrepreneurial, but not just about making money, about creating social impact: Doing Well while Doing Good!

Great Mentors

Meet and be mentored by distinct professionals from a variety of fields with one thing in common: a passion for supporting innovative ideas.



Get to know other impact driven people, real change-makers and find opportunities for you, in a platform that will feel just like an in-person event!



Every training will be certified & lectured by top-tier executives and is especially thought to help you solve the case, as well as to prepare you for a successful life!


Socially Oriented

The SDG’s are the blueprint to achieve a more sustainable future for all. Participate and contribute directly to this initiative!


Real Impact

Challenge Winners will develop their solution closely with the City Hall, and our partners, benefiting from 600€ of funding. Will it be you?


Do Well Do Good

Help us spread ShARE’s Motto, and build a more sustainble world by showing it's possible to do well for yourself while doing good for others








Networking Sessions

Our Mentors

Get to know the amazing people you'll have the chance to meet, and who will guide your team to the best possible solution

Mentor Picture

Adriana Lima

Senior Account Executive
@ Salesforce

Mentor Picture

João Marecos

@ World Health Organization

Mentor Picture

Francisco Duarte

PHD Researcher
@ European University Inst.

Mentor Picture

Sara Mendes

Project Manager

Mentor Picture

Cátia Santana

Project Officer

Mentor Picture

Raquel Magalhães

Operational Manager
@ CEiiA

Mentor Picture

Nuno Carneiro

Data Science
@ Gerald Technologies, Inc

Mentor Picture

Marta Alves

Service Designer
@ Studio Wé

Meet all mentors

The Challenge Schedules

A lot of amazing things prepared for you! We can't wait to show it all.
Remember, all workshops will be certified, and you will be guided throughout the case by our amazing mentors!

March 23, 18h00 Workshop

Meet André Anacleto, Associate Principal @ McKinsey & Company, and learn how to solve a case study the Mckinsey way!

Duration: ~1h
March 24, 18h30 Workshop

Learn how to combine data with business expertise and see how to significantly improve your output with the right data with João Pena, Consultant @ PwC, and Tiago Pimentel, Associate @ PwC

Duration: ~1h
March 25, 17h30 Workshop

This Workshop will help you design your plan of execution and significantly increase the possibility for project success. Get ready to learn with Ricardo Anselmo, creator of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Programme on IST - Instituto Superior Técnico and founding partner of the ocnsulting company INERCIA

Duration: ~1h
March 26, 17h Workshop

Learn how to apply Design Thinking into Problem Solving with Fátima Gonzalez

Duration: ~1h
March 26, 18h30 Talk

Paulo Pimenta , CEO @ GEG Engineering and Hugo Belchior , CEO @ Bwizer will share what it takes to actually takes make change happen and how they did and are still doing it. The talk will be moderated by the amazing Tiago Gonçalves, former ShARE-UP President and PhD Student @ FEUP

Duration: ~1h
March 29, 10h30 Talk

Hear from ShARE how to apply this motto everyday, and how to become a Do Well Do Good Leader

Duration: ~30min
March 29, 11h Talk

Our partner Porto City Hall will present you the Case Study and clarify all your questions

Duration: ~1h
March 29, 12h to March 30, 23h59

You'll have 36h to solve the case, and you'll be able to discuss with your mentor and also take advantage of the technical knowledge of the workshop speakers

March 31, 9h30 Workshop

Norberto Amaral Consultant on Communication, Events, Innovation, Speaker Coach and TEDx Organiser will help you understand the do's and don'ts for a successful pitch, so you can upgrade your output for the Final Presentation

Duration: ~1h
March 31, 12h30 Ceremony

Outputs developed during the 36h marathon will be evaluated by the mentors. A mentor will evaluate 3 outputs but they never evaluate their own mentee’s work. Each output will also be evalueted by 3 mentors! From here, 5 finalists will pass and will be able to correct and better their output untill 23h59 of March 31 in order prepare for the final presentation!

Duration: ~30min
April 01, 9h30 Pitching

The finals that occur will be evaluated by a judging team composed by 3 members. Teams will be judged based, among other things, on:
Innovation, Social Impact, Viability, Proposal Quality and Pitching Ability

Duration: ~2h30
April 01, 18h30 Ceremony

After hours of consideration, the Jury will reveal the winning team, who will receive funding to further develop their project. All teams are invited to this ceremony!

Duration: ~30min
From April to May

The winners will work closely and be guided our partners and top consultants to develop and preperare a implementation plan for their solution!

To be defined by the team

The team will present their project to partners representatives, collaborate wiht the City Hall for implementation and relive all the great moments of the Challenge!

Duration: ~1h

The Final Jury

If your team has one of the top 5 solutions, you'll present it to our honorouble jury

How does it work?

The contest has 4 stages:
Trainings (Doing Well), Case Study Solving (Doing Good), Final Presentations, Development of the Solution (For the winning team)

Doing Well

Full week of trainings provided by top-tier consultants and professionals on case-related topics

March 23 - 27

Doing Good

36h marathon case study solving, backed by a mentorship program specially built to each team.

March 29 - 30

The Final

Our mentors will choose the 5 best teams, who will have 12h to furhter develop their presentation for the final Jury

April 1

The Development

This is not just a competition! The Winners will work closely with our partners to develop/ implement their solution!

April & May


The ones who work with us to helps tranform these Challenge into the best case study competition ever organized by students!

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